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Should you renew?

Is it worth renewing your website for another year?

So you had great hopes that your business website would bring the world to your door, demanding your product/service.

It's a year or two later, and that hasn't happened.
Your site is buried on page 12 of a Google search, and your phone isn't ringing.

Now it's annual domain-and-hosting renewal time - should you bother, or is this site a dead duck?

Here's the deal...

Ask your host to tell you how many "hits" your site has received for the last few months.
I'm betting your website is getting VERY little traffic – like 40-50 hits a month, and most of those are search-engine “bots” as opposed to real people.

Since the site is almost dormant, Google has dropped it down and down in the ranks. Your competitors are all sitting above you.

(it's a vicious circle - the fewer people visit you, the lower Google ranks you, and even fewer people visit you...!)

What can you do about this?

Simply put - drive traffic to the site! traff

It’s not a case of “if you build it, they will come" - people often get quite pedantic about the design of their site, and lose sight of the fact that they may be the ONLY person looking at it. That's not a business site, that's an art project :) 

As a rule of thumb, spend half your time and effort getting the site looking good and working well. And the other half getting people to visit it.

Try some of these ideas...

  • Create a Facebook business page and post your website link there often – or at the very least, post the website link onto your personal page every week or two.
  • Consider running a Facebook ad campaign – you can spend a very small amount and still get good mileage.
  • Consider running a Google ad campaign – pay to get your site up to to top of the search engine.
  • Mail your friends and clients now and then with a newsletter or just some snippet about your products.
  • Make sure your email signature contains the web address
  • List your site on free business directories like MyPE, ananzi, etc.
  • Put up an ad on Gumtree or create a bid-or-buy “auction” for one of your products. 
  • Ask other sites to link to yours (or mention you in their social media or blog posts) - ask your customer, supplier, association, etc

There are lots of other ideas. 
The bottom line is put some effort into driving people to your website - it will pay off!


We're making some changes...

After several years of running a successful (and fun!) website-and-social-media division of ATAS, we've taken the decision to refocus on our core business of custom software development.

While we will continue to support our existing website clients, we won't be taking on any new work.

WideEyedEars, to whom we previously sub-contracted most of the webdesign work, has bought out that part of our business, and will be continuing to provide the same great service. 

We've really enjoyed working in the website arena - with clients from florists to financial services to fairytale wedding venues - and learned a lot along the way. But all good things must come to an end, and we need to get back to our major products and passion (for those that aren't aware, we provide software services in the food production and conference industries).

Stressed out by technology?

Cellphone ringing, email beeping, tweets and notifications chirping all the time.

It's great to stay in touch, but sometimes it makes us want to scream!gymtech

Even in the gym, if we can bear to leave our cellphone in a locker for 40 minutes, there's our iPod, the treadmill's fancy inbuilt TV screen and all kinds of beeps and readouts vying for our attention.

We need a breather. 
In fact, it's that simple - we need to BREATHE.

So here's a way to switch things around and make a problem into a solution!

  • When the phone rings, take a few deeps breaths before answering it.
  • Use your social media time to observe how you are reacting to what you read.
  • Use an App to check your heartrate
  • Download one of the many Apps that lead you through yoga moves and meditations.

Use technology to enhance "mindfullness" rather than interfere with it.

More ideas in this great article from the Huffington Post:

Sharing files with your team

Are you using Dropbox yet?

If you aren't, allow me to convince you.

Dropbox is like having a C: drive on the internet.
You can get to it from anywhere... your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, friend's computer, internet cafe while on holiday in Bali. That alone makes it worth a look.

But the real power is how it shares. If I create a document in my Dropbox folder on my computer, it automagically uploads to "the cloud" - in other words, to Dropbox on the internet.
If I've shared that document with 3 friends or collegues, it will automatically by synced to their computers too, without them doing a thing. That means we are all looking at the SAME version of the document, and no-one is ever out of date. Think about THAT for a minute.gsbox-5of5

This is a tool that will change your life.

Here's a free account for you, with more space than you probably need: 

Go. Do it. You can thank me later.

Looking back at 2012

So, what happened?!

We are saying goodbye to 2012 and hoping for another year (we don't believe the predictions). 
What were the big moments, the trends, the highlights of the year? 

Here's a sampling:
  • The RedBull jump from space (still gives us palpitations!)
  • The London Olympic games
  • The rise of tablets and other mobile devices - and falling data costs (Hurrah!)
  • The proof of the Higgs Boson particle seen at CERN
  • The Mars landing of Rover 
  • but wait, there's more... a LOT more... 

Have a look at this great summary from Google, on what people most searched for and viewed, during 2012.
It's one big flashback, baby! :)